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Energy Labels Are Changing

From 1 March 2021 national changes the energy labelling scheme come into force. You might notice that the look of the energy label is different and the scale going up to A+++ will disappear to be replaced by a scale between A to G. There are no more ‘plus’ classes.

This does not mean that energy efficiency has decreased. Rather that energy efficiency has improved so much (over the last 10 years that these labels that have been in place) that the original labelling scale no longer provides a clear and comparable means for product differentiation.

To improve clarity for customers the calculation methods have changed. The new rescaled rating deliberately leaves space at the top of the scale for innovation and improved performance. Most current appliances will therefore no longer be in the A category.

This change is being rolled out across appliance types starting with 5 categories:

  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Wine Coolers
  • Washing Machines
  • Washer Dryers
  • Dishwashers

From March 2021 most Refrigeration will move from the A categories into D/F range, Dishwashers will move from A to D/E, and Washing Machines from A to B/C. 

Washer Dryer labels will have two columns with information on a full wash/dry programme on one side and one for just a washing programme on ‘eco 40-60’.

A new feature for all the labels will be a noise rating (dB) between A and D.

The pictograms on the labels are designed to be self-explanatory and largely remain the same but in Great Britain the new labels will feature a Union Jack and a QR code for consumers to access further information.

Other major appliances (such as tumble dryers and cookers) are not currently included in the changes so you may still see the current energy rating label on show. However, the new labels will eventually be rolled out by manufacturers and you will see these in store and on our website more increasingly over time on all future qualifying products.

As more products are manufactured there will likely be more A rated appliances, but until then you will see more B, C, D, E and F rated appliances as standard. Our current appliances remain incredibly energy efficient and this technology will only improve over time. So please do not be alarmed by a rating below A. This is designed to make it easier for you to compare energy performance between appliances and make a more informed purchase at Maxwells. Our staff will be happy to explain these labels next time you visit our shop. A warm welcome awaits!